More Daggett County Information for 4th Grade Reports


The agricultural portion of the economy involves primarily beef production with some sheep also being raised. Daggett County's crops are the grasses and hays needed to feed the livestock during the fall and winter months. The high altitude and mountainous climate do not allow very many other crops to be grown commercially. Many residents raise gardens for personal use, but the abundant wildlife often benefit more from these efforts than the gardeners. The Daggett Soil Conservation District represents and assists the local agricultural producers.

Government Work and Public Lands

Nearly 90% of Daggett County consists of federally or state managed lands, which provides plenty opportunities for recreation and employment for those working in the area. The major government employers in Daggett County include:

The Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manage a sizeable amount of land in Daggett County (80%), while most of the BLM and some of the Forest Service workers actually live and work in Vernal. Other local government jobs include County and Municipal elected officials, their staffs including the jail staff at the Daggett County Jail and the teachers and other employees of the Daggett School District.