Frequently Asked Questions for the Clerk

Clerk FAQs

Q: Who needs a business License?
A: Anyone doing business in the county is required to get a business license. This includes completing and signing a business application, and remitting the appropriate fees. A signed Personal Property Statement must also be submitted with any applicable taxes. Your Person Property Statement can be obtained with the County Assessor's Office.

Q: How can I obtain a Marriage License?
A: Both parties must appear in person and provide picture identification. 18-21 year old must have a birth certificate along with picture I.D. A $30.00 fee is required.

Q: How can I get a copy of a Marriage License?
A: Contact the County Clerk's Office at (435) 784-3154. Provide the names of the bride and groom, and date of marriage along with a $8.00 check for a certified copy or $0.25 for an un-certified copy.

Q: How do I get on the agenda for a Commission Meeting?
A: Contact the Clerks office at (435) 784-3154 after 12:00 Noon the Friday BEFORE Commission Meeting, or go to the Agenda Center for all Agenda's and minutes.