Campaign Financial Disclosures

HB 29 passed the legislature during the 2008 General Session and became law effective May 5, 2008. The law requires any financial disclosure reports filed in local government offices to be made available through the local entities website or the State Disclosure website within 7 days. They are also available in the office for copying within 1 day of receipt.

HB 29 also has ramifications for Political Issues Committees (PIC) and Political Action Committees (PAC). These organizations need to file a statement of organization and financial disclosures with the Lieutenant Governor's Office.

Daggett County passed its own Campaign Disclosure Ordinance 16-09 (PDF) on June 14, 2016. The next deadline for submitting the final Financial Campaign Report is June 25, 2018.

Financial Disclosures Received:

Candidate Name
Position1st Disclosure
2nd Disclosure
3rd Disclosure

Due 6/25/1810/30/2018Due 12/6/18
Jack "John A." LytleCommissioner "B"1st (PDF)10/30/2018 (PDF)12/04/18 (PDF)
Matt TippetsCommissioner "B"1st (PDF)Out in PrimaryN/A
Clyde SlaughCommissioner "A"N/A10/31/2018 (PDF)

Erik BaileySheriffN/A10/29/2018 (PDF)12/03/18 (PDF)
Keri PallesenAuditor/RecorderN/A10/31/2018 (PDF)12/04/18 (PDF)
Charles CardSchool Board #1N/A10/31/2018 (PDF)12/05/18 (PDF)
Chelsy LailSchool Board #2N/A10/31/2018 (PDF)

Marcia Barber-WSchool Board #2N/AWithdrewN/A
Sarah Wilson-(Write-In)School Board #3N/A11/05/2018 (PDF)

Last Updated: December 3, 2018