1980-1989 Ordinances and Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions

These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.

1980 Resolutions and Ordinances

80-01  (PDF) Television Licensing
80-02 (PDF) TRT of 3%
80-03 (PDF) Lifejackets Required
80-04 (PDF) Diving of Cart Creek Bridge

1981 Resolutions and Ordinances

No Resolutions or Ordinances for 1981

1982 Resolutions and Ordinances

82-01  (PDF) Licensing TV Sets
82-02 (PDF) Placement of Utility Lines
82-03 (PDF) Bldg Fees Established
82-04  (PDF) Prohibiting Keg Sales
82-05 (PDF) Cable Consultant Franchise

1983 Resolutions and Ordinances

83-01  (PDF) Permit for Oil/Gas
83-02 (PDF) Establish 7/8% Local Use Tax
83-03 (PDF) Temp Weight Restriction on Roads
83-04 (PDF) Cap Improvement Fund for Ambulance

1984 Resolutions and Ordinance

84-01 (PDF) Notice of Special Election
84-02 (PDF) R1A Zone
84-03 (PDF) Support of Lawrence Co.
84-04  (PDF) Bldg Permits & Utilities

1985 Resolutions and Ordinance

85-01  (PDF) Estrays

1986 Resolutions and Ordinance

86-01 (PDF) Zoning Ordinance
86-02 (PDF) Establishing 1986 Salaries
86-03 (PDF) Fire Protection
Proclamation (PDF) of Teen Pregnancy

1987 Resolution and Ordinance

87-01 (PDF) Establishing salaries for 1987
87-02 (PDF) Public Official Bonds
87-03 (PDF) Consolidation of Offices
87-04 (PDF) Utah Finance Coop. Agreement
87-05 (PDF) Support of Super Collider
87-06 (PDF) Annexed Property
87-07 (PDF) Requirements for Surveys in Daggett County

1988 Resolution and Ordinance

88-01 (PDF) Opposing Free Trade Agreement
88-02 (PDF) In favor if Dutch John Privatization
88-03 (PDF) Ordinance establishing salaries
88-04  (PDF) Disposal of County Property

1989 Resolutions and Ordinance

89-01 (PDF) Utah Immunization Month
89-02 (PDF) Diving off Cart Creek Bridge
89-03 (PDF) Depository of Plat Maps