Victim's Advocate

Domestic Violence Advocate

The Daggett County Commission is pleased to announce, that our County has received funding for a Domestic Violence Advocate Program. This program will allow our County to have its own Victims' Advocate available to the public.

The Advocate will assist anyone who would be in need of help in situations that involve an act of domestic violence or sexual assault. The advocate would assist in providing information on such things as shelter, treatment, legal assistance, protective orders, financial aid, investigative and court processes. The Victim Advocate can be reached through the Daggett County Sheriff's Office at 435-784-3255 or direct line at 435-784-3218 x220. Anyone seeking help should know that all information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

  1. Victim's Advocate

    Phone: 435-784-3218 ext.220
    Fax: 435-784-3335
    Emergency Phone: 911

    Rape Crisis Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

    Utah Legal Services: 1-800-662-1563

    Central Dispatch: 1-435-789-4222

  2. Mikell Kroger

    Mikell Koger

    Victim Advocate