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General Plan Information

Daggett County General Plan Update

Adoption of the Daggett County General Plan Update

Daggett County Commissioners passed Resolution 09-02 on February 3, 2009 which officially adopts the 2008 Daggett County General Plan Update and Regional Planning Guide.  A special "Thank You!" goes to Tim Havens of Aspen Rivers, CRSA and all the Committee members, community members and others who participated in this multi-year process!  For more information about the General Plan contact Commission Assistant, Brian Raymond at (435) 784-3218 ext. 134.

The Daggett County General Plan was modified again when the County Commission approved Ordinance 17-17 on July 26, 2017, which adds the County Resource Management Plan and an Appendix to the General plan.  Other changes were noted during this process, which will amend the plan at a future date.

Planning Materials currently available online

Adopted Version of the 2008 General Plan (1.8 MB PDF)

2017 Amendment - Chapter 8:  The County Resource Management Plan

2017 General Plan Amendment - Appendix

Larger Detailed
Maps for Chapter 3 and 6 of the Updated General Plan

Daggett County Planning Materials

Public Draft Version (12/30/08) of the 2008 General Plan (1.8 MB PDF)

Public Draft Version  (12/15/08) of the 2008 General Plan (5.5 MB PDF)

Public Draft Version (9/30/08) of the 2008 General Plan

 (2.0 MB PDF)

Incomplete Public Draft Version of 4/21/08

Public Lands Chapter for 4/21/08 Version 

1996 Daggett County General Plan


Daggett County Zoning Ordinance


Manila General Plan

Daggett County Subdivision Ordinance

Dutch John Planning Materials


2001 Dutch John General Plan

Updated Dutch John Zoning Map

Dutch John Zoning Ordinance

Latest Version of Public Lands Ammendment to General Plan

Definitions of Various types of Plans


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