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Conservation District Supervisor Election
What is a soil conservation district? 
A Utah Conservation district (CD) is a subdivision of state government classified as a unique Limited Purpose Local Government Entity. Its purpose is to enhance and protect land, water, and related natural resources mainly on Utah’s private lands. A five-member board of elected citizens who are called CD Supervisors governs a CD. At least three of the five Supervisors must be private agricultural land operators. This board gives local direction, priority, and support to governmental (district, county, state, or federal) land, water and air conservation programs. CD board decisions are made in advertised meetings that are open to the public.

There are 38 Utah conservation districts covering all the land in the state except the Navajo Indian Reservation which has its own district managed from Arizona. CDs are supported and accountable to the Utah Conservation Commission (UCC) and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF).

The Election 
A biennial election is now in progress to fill ?? of the five positions on each of the state’s CD boards. Each term of office runs four years. Candidates have been chosen by a local nominating committee. Each candidate has been provided a summary of position duties and has signed a “Commitment to Serve” form if elected.

The Utah Conservation Commission directs CD elections with staff support from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, PO Box 146500, Salt Lake City UT 84114-6500, phone 538-7120, Email e-mail.

Who Can Vote? 
Ballots are mailed, with out request, to the principal farm or ranch land managers listed with the Utah Conservation Commission. Other registered voters who have voted in previous elections and have wanted their name to remain on the voter mailing list will also be sent a ballot. If nonprincipal ag land managers wish to remain on the list they must vote in one or both of the previous two elections. Other land managers and registered voters who do no receive a ballot may participate by downloading a Ballot Request Form or by calling the above phone number.

What are the Deadlines?
A ballot request form must be received in the Commission office by February 6, 2012.

Marked ballots must be postmarked or delivered by February 15, 2012 to be counted.

Contact the UT Conservation Commission office (See above), or local soil conservation district officials for more details on the CD Supervisor elections.

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