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2008/2009 Ordinances and Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

2009 Ordinances & Resolutions
09-01-  Resolution Declaring Short Term Financing
09-02 - Resolution Adopting 2008
           General Plan 
09-03 – Resolution Authorizing Tax
           Anticipation Notes 
09-04 - Procedures for Tax Sales 
09-05 - Rules for a Purchase
           Order System
09-06 - Resolution for Lease
           Purchase Agreement
09-07 - Resolution Approving the
           Adoption By Municipal
           Building Authority
09-08 - Resolution Authorizing The
           Municipal Building  Authority
09-09 - Presented Not Approved
09-10 - Resolution Authorizing
           Employer Pick-Up
           of Employee Retirement
09-11 - Ordinance to Impose a 
           Tourism, Recreation Cultural 
           & Convention Facilities Tax 
09-12 - Resolution Authorizing the 
           Execution & Delivery of 
           A Governmental Lease 
           Purchase Agreement 
09-15 - Ordinance  Counties Are 
           Permitted To Under State
           Law To Adopt And Amend
           Its Zoning and Subdivision 
09-16 - Ordinance Establishing
           Speed Limits on the Brown
           Park Road
09-17 - Ordinance Adopting Rules &
           Regs for Disposition of 
           County Real & Personal
09-18 - Resolution Of Appointment
           Of a Daggett County 
           Representative For Utah
           Counties Insurance 
           Pool Annual Membership Meeting
09-19 - Resolution Establishing
           the Recycle Market
09-20 - Resolution Establishing 
           the Utah Enterprise
           Zone Designation
09-21 - Resolution Approving And
           Authorizing the Execution Of  A Fourth 
           Amended Interlocal Agreement
09-22 - Ordinance Setting Commission 
           Meeting Schedule For 2010
09-23 - Ordinance Establishing Salaries For 2010
2008 Ordinances & Resolutions
08-01 - Resolution For 2008 Budget
08-02 – Resolution Establishing Justice 
           Court Precinct Boundaries
08-03 - Resolution Declaring The Intent Of 
           Daggett County To Arrange Short 
           Term Financing 
08-04 - Resolution To Revise The Name Of The
           Daggett County Road And Transportation
           Special Service District
08-05 - Resolution Adopting New Subdivision Ordinance 
08-06 - Actions Taken and Resolutions Adopted by
           Consent Of The Board Of Directors Of
           Daggett  County 
08-07 - Resolution Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of
           Daggett County
08-08 - Resolution Adopting A County Weed Board
08-09 - Resolution Amending The Zoning Of The Manila
           Ranches Subdivision Phase 1
08-10 - Resolution Adopting The Utah Wildland-Urban
           Interface Code
08-11 - Presented Not Approved
08-12 - Ordinance Imposing Transient Room Tax For
           Daggett County
08-13 - Resolution for 2008 Tax Sale
08-14 - Resolution Authorizing Commissioner
           Floyd Briggs to Review Billings Received From
           The State Of Utah,
           DOT For The Brown's Park Project And Then 
           Submitting The Billings To The Flaming Gorge
           Road & Transportation Special Service
           District For Payment
08-15 - Resolution Sheakley And Planning & Zoning 
           Combine Taylor Flats Lots
08-16 - Ordinance To Impose A Tourism 
           Recreational Cultural, and Convention
           Facilities Tax For The Calendar Year 2008
08-17 - Resolution - Flaming Gorge Lake Meadows 
           Subdivision - Combining Lots
08-18 - Resolution - Roche - Taylor Flat Lots Combined
08-19 - Resolution Authorizing an Employer
           Pick-up Of Employee
           Retirement Contributions
08-20 - Resolution Approving And Authorizing
           The Execution 
           Of A Third Amended Interlocal Cooperation 
           Agreement With
           Other Members Of Utah Counties
           Insurance Pool, Relating
           To The Establishment, Funding And
           Operation Of Utah
           Counties Insurance Pool
08-21 - Resolution Determining Secure Rural Schools
           Payment Option
08-22 - Resolution Determining Title II and 
           Title III Allocations
08-23 - Resolution Of Appointment Of A
           Daggett County
           Representative And an Alternate 
           Representative For The Utah Counties
           Insurance Pool Annual 
           Membership Meeting
08-24 - Ordinance For Astray Dogs
08-25 - Elected Officials Salaries for 2009
08-26 - Resolution for 2009 budget

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