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Linwood Development Proposal
The Commission is working to facilitate a land exchange between the U.S. Forest Service and the Utah School Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) for a peice of land along the edge of the Falming Gorge Reservoir.  If the exchange is approved SITLA would then work to market this piece of property to developers to bring in needed jobs and tax base for our area.  Download the Project Overview.  Public Meetings were held in August to explain more about this proposal.

Additional meetings began in February to examine options other than the Linwood Bay proposal.  A tour of the proposed parcels will be conducted on the 16th of February starting in Dutch John and working around the lake to Manila.

One Forest Service Parcel is located on the west side of Linwood Bay and is approximately 420 acres. The original SITLA parcel to be considered is along the Sheep Creek Geological loop and encompasses about 720 acres.  Subsequent meetings with the Forest Service have revealed that they would not be interested in that particular parcel.  Additional parcels under consideration are outside of Daggett County. The exchange would have to be approved by Congress and would involve a dollar for dollar value, so the acreage of either parcel may increase or decrease to even out the value. 

A concept drawing of a possible layout for the proposed area in Linwood can be viewed or downloaded.  No developer has been hired at this point in time and the drawing is only a concept of what might be done.

The goal of this land exchange is to open up some high value land to private ownership that would be taxable and help create a tax base for Daggett County and increase opportunities for development and business growth.  Other options that will lead to this have been proposed by the public and will be examined.

2/28/2012 - Report by Location Selection Committee (no pictures)  Report with maps & pictures (4.4 MB)

2/29/2012 - Article and Video clip by KSL

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