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2013 Burbot Bash Results

2013 - 2014 Burbot Bash Information

February 2013 Burbot Bash Results

A Burbot Bash was sponsored by the Flaming Gorge, Bridger Valley, Green River, Rock Springs and Vernal Chambers of Commerce over the weekend of February 1st to the 3rd.  It proved to be a record turnout with 1179 participants on 585 teams. There were 121 youth participants.  A total of 4287 Burbot were removed from the lake during the tournament, which will help to keep the populations under control.  Of the fish caught, 10 had internal tags and 2 had external tags, sadly neither of the external tags matched the $10,000 insurance tag number.  However, $25,750 was given out in cash prizes during this year's Burbot Bash.   

Events such as these take months to organize and many people donate their time to ensure that it is a success.   All too often the people that go the extra mile to pull off these types of tournaments are only given recognition at the closing ceremonies.  The communities and business that benefit from the influx of visitors often don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and who is responsible for it.

The Daggett County Commission would like to send out a heartfelt thought of appreciation to those who truly helped to make this event memorable to all who participated.  We are aware that this list is probably not all inclusive and hope that we do not slight anyone.  That certainly is not our intention, if we left you out it is our lack of knowledge of the important role you played.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Cindy Keller, who went well beyond her job description and pay scale to make it all come together.  We also want to thank:  Craig Collett and his staff (no one has ever made Burbot taste better); Mark Wilson; Shawn, Marjon Hughes, Carston and Kyler Hughes,  Keri Pallesen; Gary Farnsworth, Patty Park, Tammie Twitchell, Raynette Schell; John Rauch; Matt Henry; Bruce and Marjie Parker;  Alan Browning and family; the staff and volunteers at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Wyoming Game and Fish; and also the staff of the U.S. Forest Service.

To list all of the support, services and tasks that were provided by these people would take up the whole page.  It is safe to say that the tournament wouldn’t have happened without them!  So again we sincerely appreciate your tireless efforts that made this event such a success.


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