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Dowd Mountain Trail Maintenance Project RFP


 PDF Version of the RFP  (Does not include maps)

 Dowd Mountain Trails Map (10.4 MB)

Gravity Flow Trail map showing footprint (3.93 MB)

The Daggett County Commission is requesting proposals for Project Management of the Dowd Mountain Trail Maintenance Project, Phase 1 for approximately thirteen (13) miles of trail improvement and/or construction. The project is to be completed on or before June 30, 2015.    Bidder’s Tasks include:

  •  Attendance at meetings in Manila and submission of documents to Forest Service (FS) personnel;

    ·         Work with FS personnel on flagged improvements and final approval of the entire maintenance proposal as outlined below and on the attached map;

A. (pink) Dowd Mountain two-way multi-use trail.

Length:  Total ~10,000 LF.  Proposed work area: ~2,000 LF

            Proposed work:  rake and smooth rough areas, rock removal from tread, re-align (for proper drainage and more appropriate grade) two small sections of up to 300 LF each.

B. (orange) Dowd Mountain “down only” gravity flow trail.

Length: 7,500 LF.

            Proposed work:  Smooth and re-grade existing trail to create sustainable flow trail with built-in (natural) drainage features.

C. (green) Administrative use service road from gravel road to lake.

Length: 19,200 LF.

            Proposed work:  Re-grade and smooth trail to better accommodate bicyclists; add drainage rollers and de-berm, round and smooth corners, cut and remove encroaching vegetation.  (Trail will remain functional as a service road for authorized Forest Service use.)

D. (purple) Technical singletrack trail from overlook to Service Road trail.

Length: 4,000 LF.

            Proposed work:  Hand clean, including deadfall and encroaching vegetation removal, tread raking and re-working to improve drainage and long-term sustainability.

E. (blue) Carter Creek area:

1.  Trailhead at road edge to intersection of Cub Creek & Carter Creek

Length:  11,400 LF

                        Proposed work:  Vegetation clearing and repair of drainage issues, clearing of rock in tread and smoothing.
   2.  Carter Creek trail from Cub Creek upward

Length: ~10,000 LF+

                        Proposed work:  Vegetation clearing and repair of drainage issues, clearing of rock in tread and smoothing.

F.  Signage to better mark and promote trails

  •          Oversight and management of modifications of map for submission to county and FS for final approval;
  •          Creation of bid and/or contract documents and hiring of contractor(s) and/or scheduling of volunteers to perform the required work;
  •          Oversight and management of contractor(s)/volunteers to assure work is completed in a proper and timely manner; and
  •          Final review(s) and walk-through(s) with Daggett County and/or FS personnel.
  •          Any other work necessary to complete the proposed maintenance work as delineated on the maps and as submitted for approval to the Forest Service during the September 15, 2014 meeting.


Bidder’s tasks and maps can be viewed online at .   


Questions regarding the proposal can be directed to:

Commissioner Jerry Steglich at 435-840-1563 (leave message) or


Proposals need to be submitted by 4:00 P.M. on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 to the Daggett County Clerk at or mailed to P.O. Box 400, Manila, UT  84046. 

Dowd Mountain Trails Map (10.4 MB)

Gravity Flow Trail map showing footprint (3.93 MB)

PDF Version of the RFP  (Does not include maps)

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