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Codification of Daggett County's Laws

Daggett County has been working with Sterling Codifiers for several years to "Codify" all the laws or ordinances passed in Daggett County into one document.  The Codification process then involves reviewing all that information and updating the code as needed.  The Planning and Zoning Commission held a Public Hearing on Title 8 on March 19th, 2017 and the County Commission has planned a Public Hearing for Tuesday, April 25th at 9:30 AM.  Anyone interested can make comments or submit them in writing by email ( ), mail (PO Box 400; Manila, UT  84046) or in person (95 North 1st West; Manila, UT  84046) before 5 pm on Monday, April 24th, 2017.

A new Public Hearing has been scheduled by the County Commission to review and receive comments on Title 8 of the Codification, which is the Land Use Regulations for Daggett County.  The Hearing will be held at 9:30 AM in the Commission Chambers of the Daggett County Courthouse.  Anyone intersted can make comments or submit them in writing by email (), mail (PO Box 400; Manila, UT  84046) before 5 pm on Tuesday, July 25th at 5:00 pm.  See the text of the proposed Title 8:  Land Use Regulation in the links below.

Click on any of the links below to see a PDF version of that section of code.  There was some formatting changes during the

Proposed Sections of the Daggett County Code

July 26, 2017 Public Hearing to approve Title 8: Land Use Regulations
 Title 8:  Land Use Regulations
 (All Chapters included)
Title 8 Chapter 2 - Definitions and Rules-Amended
Title 8 Chapter 3 - Administration and Enforcement-Amended
Title 8: Chapter 5 - Board of Adjustments-Amended
Title 8:  Chapter 6 - Zoning Districts-Amended
Title 8: Chapter 8 - Subdivisions
Title 8: Chapter 9 - Supplementary Regulations-Amended
Title 8: Chapter 12 - Mobile Home Parks and Recreational Vehicle Parks-Amended
Other Chapters of Title 8 that were not amended can be found below or within the entire Title 8
 Documents for April 25th Codification Public Hearing

Title 1:  Administration

Title 2:  Finance and Taxation

Title 3:  Business and License Regulations
Title 4:  Health, Sanitation, Public Safety
Title 5:  Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Title 6:  Public Ways and Property
 Title 7:  Buildings, Construction
 Title 8:  Land Use Regulations
 Proposed Amendments to Title 8

Title 8 - Table of Contents for Land Use Regulations

Title 8 Chapter 1 - Title Purpose, Intent, General Provisions

Title 8 Chapter 2 - Definitions and Rules
 Title 8 Chapter 3 - Administration&Enforcement
Title 8 Chapter 4 - Planning Commission
Title 8 Chapter 5 - Board of Adjustment
Title 8 Chapter 6 - Zoning Districts
Title 8 Chapter 7 - Planned Unit Developments
Title 8 Chapter 8 - Subdivisions
Title 8 Chapter 9 - Supplementary Regulations
Title 8 Chapter 10 - Nonconforming Uses & Structures
Title 8 Chapter 11 - Conditional Uses
 Title 8 Chapter 12 - Mobile Home Parks and Recreational Vehicle Parks
Title 8 Chapter 13 - Wind Systems
Title 8 Chapter 14- Solar Electricity Systems


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