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Dutch John
How did Dutch John get its name?
picture of Flaming Gorge Elementary FieldsIn 2015 the area of Dutch John, Utah became an incorporated town.  The housing in the area was originally constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation to house those who were working on the Flaming Gorge Dam. The area received its name from John Honselena, often mispronounced “Hunslinger”, who was actually a native of Sheiswig, Germany. He raised horses and had a summer camp and cabin near the Summit Springs Guard Station. He used winter range on the east side of the Green River in what was known as “Joe’s Pasture”. His headquarters was along the river in Red Canyon and his range spilled over into the area now called Dutch John Flat or Dutch John Bench. Honselena was given the name “Dutch John” because he talked with a German accent and was a little hard to understand. To the people of the time, he sounded like a “Dutchman”. He seems to have just faded away.

Dutch John was originally constructed by the Water and Power Resources Services in conjunction with the Flaming Gorge Dam. Everyone working in the area rented their home from the Bureau. It continued as a Bureau of Reclamation town until October 1998. Senate Bill 890, which provided for the privatization of Dutch John, became Public Law 105-326, when President Clinton signed the legislation. Daggett County  owns and/or manages approximately 2200 acres of land. Some of which has been sold. A General Plan has been developed and additions are being worked on to look at the options and opportunities that may not have been fully examined in the original plan. The Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service, and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources have offices and residences in Dutch John. The County has a new Disposal Ordinance that directs how the sale of these lands will be handled. A majority of the land within the Dutch John boundary has been put into a Redevelopment Agency to facilitate further development.  Bonneville Research, an economic development contractor worked with the County to develop the Dutch John Master Plan.  Work continues to update the plan and match Planning and Zoning with the Plan. 

Dutch John Information
The community of Dutch John, Utah, as of July 2015 is now an incorporated town.

The community is located at 6324 feet above sea level and has a population that varies from nearly 250 in the summer to about 150 during the winter months. The Flaming Gorge Dam is only 3 miles from Dutch John. The Bureau of Reclamation offers guided tours of the Dam and powerplant during the summertime. The Visitors Center is open year round. Other nearby places to visit include the US Forest Service Visitor’s Center at Red Canyon, the Swett Ranch, Ute Tower Lookout, the Cedar Springs Marina and a little farther away is the Jarvie Ranch in Brown’s Park. Dutch John has an airport with a paved landing strip, 6000 feet in length.

Updated: 7/5/12

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