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Grants & Incentives
Grants for Businesses
There are businesses who claim there are millions of dollars in grants available to individuals and businesses.  Most of what is found in the books or subscription websites are not worth the money you pay for them.  Your best bet is to you Google some other search engine to look for those types of grants.

The State of Utah has instituted a variety of incentives, but most are not viable or helpful businesses locating in small rural counties like Daggett Coutny.  One exception is Utah's Rural Fast Track Grant Program.  Maximum grant of $50,000 per project must be matched by the requested amount or more to build a new leisure or hospitality business or renovate an existing business in such a way that additional jobs will be added.

The Enterprise Zones in Manila and Daggett County have potential for certain types of businesses that are manufacturing or creating products.

Two new grants are coming this spring for Tourism buisnesses in Daggett County. One is to develop and run new tourism events and the other is cooperatively market Utah Tourism and Recreation and tourism on Utah's portion of the Flaming Gorge 

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