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Property Tax Information
When Are Property Taxes Due?

Real Property Taxes are due November 30 of any given year unless that date falls on a weekend, then it is due the following Monday. In 2017, current year taxes will be due Nov 30th. All county offices will be closed October 9th for Columbus Day, November 10th for Veteran’s Day and November 23rd and 24th for Thanksgiving. Tax notices will be sent out no later than October 20th of each year.

How to Pay Your Property Tax

1.      Pay online with an E-check through Instant Payments. Make a Quick One-time Payment or sign up to make Recurring Payments. There is a $.75 fee charged by Instant Payments for each payment. A separate payment is needed for each parcel. Recurring Payments give you the most latitude and flexibility!

2.      Pay online or by phone with a debit/credit card through Instant Payments links (Quick One-time Payment or Recurring Payments) or by phone call 1-800-764-0844.There is a 2.5% or a minimum of $2.50 fee charged by Instant Payments depending on the amount of taxes owed. A separate payment is needed for each parcel.

3.      Send a check or money order payable to Daggett County Treasurer and addressed to: PO Box 400, Manila, UT 84046. Please note your parcel number(s) on the check.  You may pay for more than one parcel per check!

4.      Pay by cash, check, money order or debit/credit card at our office in the Daggett County Courthouse, 95 North 1st West in Manila, Utah. A 2.5% convenience fee from Instant Payments will be applied to each parcel for debit/credit card purchases.

5.      Auto bill pay for 2018:  When you register for Auto bill pay through the Quick One-time Payment or Recurring Payments links, the program will use the previous year’s tax amount and split it up into 10 payments that are automatically withdrawn from your bank account or card. The first nine payments will be withdrawn each month February through September on the day of the month that you choose. After you receive your tax bill in October, the final payment will cover all remaining taxes and will be withdrawn around November 15th (taxes are due November 30th). You will receive an email reminding you of each payment before they are withdrawn. Convenience fees apply. You can discontinue the program at anytime by contacting Instant Payments at 800-764-0844 or if you signed up under the Recurring Payments link you can discontinue online through your account or change payment amounts if your situations change. The program will carry over to the next year automatically unless you notify the follow one of these methods to discontinue payments.

6.      Prepayment Coupons for 2018:  In February the Treasurer’s office mails out coupon booklets to taxpayers who request them (email us to request coupons or let us know you no longer need them). These coupons allow taxpayers to make monthly, optional prepayments and avoid a large tax bill in November. Coupons and checks can be mailed in or dropped off at our office. Coupons are based on the previous year’s taxes and divide it into 10 payments. The taxpayer receives 9 coupons to be paid Feb to October with any remaining tax appearing on the November tax bill. Current year taxes are not finalized until September so the final payment will be different from the previous 9 payments. Instead of mailing in your prepayment checks, you can set up automatic monthly payments from your bank account or credit card see above though Auto Bill Pay (see above).

Delinquent Taxes: 

The latest 2016 Delinquent Tax List is available at the following link: 11/01/2017 List. This list also contains any previous year's delinquencies.  The County Clerk/Treasurer's office will update this list at least quarterly. 

Additional Information:

If you haven’t received your Official Tax Notice by October 20th, please contact us as we have numerous tax notices returned each year.  Our phone number is: 435-784-3154, and our mailing address is P.O. Box 400, Manila, UT 84046.  We can also be reached by email at Clerk/Treasurer

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