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Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Agendas for Daggett County Commission Meetings

Currently Daggett County Commission Meetings are held every Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held in the Commission Chambers within the County Courthouse starting at 9:00 A.M.   The Agenda is finalized and posted before 5 pm of the Friday before the scheduled meeting (The link takes you to the calendar where you can click on the desired Commission Meeting and see the Agenda once it has been posted). Meetings follow the agenda and have a short amount of time for public comment. If you have information that needs to be brought before the Commission, please contact the County Clerk, Brian Raymond to schedule a time at (435) 784-3154.
Notification of 2017 Daggett County Commission Meeting Schedule

Daggett County Commission Meeting Minutes

Starting with the Commission Meeting held on May 7, 2013 the location of Agendas, Audio and Minutes have been moved to the Department of Clerk/Treasurer.  This allows your to view the Agenda, listen to the audio recordings and read the minutes from one central area.  

During each Commission Meeting time is taken to review and approve the minutes of previous meetings. 

2013 Commission Meeting Minutes
2012 Commission Meeting Minutes
2011 Commission Meeting Minutes
2010 Commission Meeting Minutes

Meetings prior to 2010 will be added as time allows to convert those minutes to a digital format. 

Updated as of February 9, 2015

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