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Daggett County Budget & Financial Information

The Daggett County Budget is prepared by the County Auditor with input from all of the departments that spend or receive county funds and with final approval from the County Commissioners.

A tentative budget is set and then Public Hearings are held to get input. The final budget is set by the Daggett County Commission following the annual budget hearing. The general budget is available at the Auditor/Recorder's office in the Daggett County Courthouse.

The 2016 Budget Hearing was held on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers of the Daggett County Courthouse, located at 95 N 1st W, Manila, UT, 84046.

The Commission held a public hearing on March 8, 2016, at 10:00 a.m., in which they received public comment regarding opening and adjusting the 2016 budget.  The final changes to the 2016 budget were approved by resolution in a regular commission meeting held on March 15, 2016.   

Daggett County 2016 Amended Budget 3-15-16
Daggett County 2016 Original Budget

Daggett County 2015 Budget Summary               
Daggett County 2015 Budget Detail

Daggett County 2014 Budget

Daggett County 2013 Budget

Daggett County 2012 Budget

Daggett County 2011 Budget

On occasion throughout the year the Commission determines it necessary to open the budget and make changes or adjustments.  The Commission approves the adjustments after holding a public hearing.


The county financial statements are audited by an independent outside auditor on an annual basis. 

Daggett County Annual Financial Report 2014

Daggett County Annual Financial Report 2013

Daggett County Annual Financial Report 2012

Daggett County Annual Financial Report 2011

Other Financial Information
If you are interested in other financial information, please visit the Utah Transparency site below.

Updated 4/7/2016

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