Frequently Asked Questions for the Assessor

Assessor Office FAQs

Q: Why are taxes so high?

A: Daggett County has the third lowest property tax in the state. Many property owners in Daggett County own other property as their primary residence and therefore pay a higher percentage of their assessed tax on their secondary home.

Q: Why did my property taxes go up when the tax rate went down?

A: Utah has a policy of cyclical reappraisal, which requires property values to be re-evaluated at least every five years. As property values increase the drop in rates may not be enough to keep the net tax amount at the same level.

Q: I've lost my vehicle title, how can I get a duplicate title?

A: Fill out & print the form at: Utah Tax Forms and mail to the address on the form or bring to our office.

Q: I'm selling my boat/vehicle to another person, where can I get a bill of sale?

A: You can print a bill of sale at: Utah Tax Forms

Q. What's going on with vehicle property taxes?

A. For more information on Vehicle Property Assessment Fees go to the State's website at: Utah Tax Forms