Frequently Asked Questions for the Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services FAQs

Q: Who do I call to receive medical assistance?
A: Call 9-1-1

Q: How do I become an EMT?
A: Complete a Utah approved EMT-Basic Course and pass the state examination. Contact Mike Wayman at 435-880-7459 for course times and dates.

Q: How much do EMTs get paid per run and how much time does a run take?
A: Intermediate EMT's get $60 per run and Basic EMT's get $50 per run and drivers get $40 per run. Runs average between 3 and 5 hours.

Q: How do I become an ambulance driver?
A: Contact Mike at 880-7459 to complete Driver training.

Q. I need medical assistance, but don't want to be transported by ambulance, what should I do?
A. Call 9-1-1 to receive assistance. If your condition warrants hospital treatment and you do not wish to be transported you will need to sign a waiver releasing the EMTs from liability.