Frequently Asked Questions for Daggett County Justice Court

Daggett County Justice Court FAQ's

Q: How do I schedule a Court Date, Arraignment or Small Claims Case?
A: Contact the Court Technician during business hours. 435-784-3216, or email for help.

Q: How do I challenge a citation that I feel I don't deserve?
A: Request a Court Date through the Court Technician. All bench trials are held in person at the Manila courthouse. You'll need to be prepared to go to court by either hiring an attorney or preparing your own case. Your attorney and witnesses will also need to appear in person. You'll also need to submit all evidence and the names of any witnesses you plan to use in court to the county prosecutor, Kent Snider at least two weeks before the trial. 

Q: I can't make my scheduled Court Date, what do I do?
A: First, remember that court is now held online, so it's much easier for everyone to attend. But, if you truly can't attend, contact the Court Technician by phone or email and request a Continuance. Requests will be reviewed by the Judge before they are granted.

Q: How do I get legal advice?
A: Legal Clinics that provide low or no cost assistance are available throughout the state. To find the nearest location visit: Legal Clinics Information. The Utah Courts Self Help site also has excellent resources on to prepare for your own case.

Q: How can I attend a Defensive Driving course to reduce my points after receiving a citation?
A: Daggett County does not offer a Defensive Driving course, but you may attend one online, such as this one offered by the Utah Safety Counsel.  If you have been ordered to attend a class, you'll need to submit proof of completion by email to the Court Technician.