Scenic Drives in Daggett County

Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic Byway

Running between Vernal and Manila on US Highway 191 and Utah Highway 44, the Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway climbs foothills and major geological formations, reaching the one billion year old exposed core of the Uinta Mountains near the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. The Byway's theme "Wildlife Through the Ages," features 4 nature trails, and several interpretive pullouts and geological signs explaining the evolution of the area's geology and wildlife, both past and present. Enjoy the spectacular view from Red Canyon Overlook. Take the guided tour of the 502-foot high Flaming Gorge Dam. Whatever you do, make sure to bring your camera!

Scenic Backways

The Sheep Creek/Spirit Lack Scenic Backway

This scenic backway loops from Highway 44 along the Sheep creek Geological Loop. In addition to the amazing geological features you have lots of opportuntity to see wildlife including Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep and recently released wild turkeys. Sheep Creek Loop runs for thirteen miles alongside the visually dramatic Uinta Fault. It returns to Utah Highway 44, five miles south of Manila. Spirit Lake road is a 17-mile spur off the Sheep Creek Loop, winding through forests and meadows to Spirit Lake. Returning from Spirit Lake requires backtracking to Sheep Creek Loop. The round trip covers 48 miles of paved and gravel road. Allow 2 hours travel time. The backway is closed in the winter. Tour Map

Browns Park Scenic Backway

Departing from Diamond Mountain Plateau on the Jones Hole Scenic Backway, this backway travels north across Diamond Mountain, down Crouse Canyon, and into Browns Park. It continues into Colorado, crossing the Green River via a one-vehicle-at-a-time suspension bridge. A short side trip takes you to the John Jarvie Historic Site, a preserved remnant of the frontier west. Before ending at US 191 five miles north of Dutch John, the backway passes through the narrow, winding and steep Jessie Ewing Canyon. Approximately 50 miles, the backway requires two hours travel time. This route is closed in winter months and should not be traveled during or following heavy rain. Tour Map

Nearby Scenic Byways and Backways

The Flaming Gorge Chamber Website has additional information about nearby Scenic Byways and Backways.