2006 - 2007 Ordinances & Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.

2006 Ordinances

06-01 (PDF)- Resolution Adopting The Daggett County Emergency Operational Plan
06-02 (PDF)- Ordinance Amending 04-07 And Providing For The Disposal Of Certain Properties In The Dutch John Area
06-03 (PDF)- Resolution Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of Daggett County, Utah Tax And Revenue Notes
06-04 (PDF)- Resolution Establishing Insurance Reimbursement Amending Resolution 04-08
06-05 (PDF)- Resolution Approving The Execution And Delivery Of A Lease/Purchase Agreement
06-06 (PDF)- Resolution Providing For the Issue Of A Local 1% Sales And Use Tax For Health Care
06-07 (PDF)- Ordinance Adopting The State Boating And Water Code For Daggett County
06-08 (PDF)- Ordinance Adopting The State Wildlife Resources Code For Daggett County
06-09 (PDF)- Ordinance Adopting The State Off-Highway Vehicle Code For Daggett County
06-10 - Presented Not Approved
06-11 (PDF)- Ordinance Establishing The Rules And Regulations And Policies And Procedures Foe The Use Of Daggett County Parks And Facilities
06-12 (PDF)- Resolution Project Name Browns Park Road From Red Creek To Colorado State Line, Daggett County
06-13 (PDF)- Ordinance Imposing A Transient Room Tax For Daggett County
06-14 (PDF)- Resolution Declaring That The Public Health, Convenience, And Necessity Require The Allocation Of A Portion Of The Mineral Lease Funds Of Daggett County For Economic Development And Reducing The Allocation Of Mineral Lease Funds To The Daggett County Road And Transportation Special Service District
06-15 (PDF)-Ordinance To Impose A Tourism, Recreation, Cultural And Convention Facilities Tax For The Calendar Year 2006
06-16 (PDF)- Resolution Approving And Authorizing The Execution Of An Amended Interlocal Cooperation Agreement With Other Members Of Utah Counties Insurance Pool, Relating To The Establishment, Funding and Operation Of Utah Counties Insurance Pool
06-17 (PDF)- Resolution Of Appointment Of A Daggett County Representative And An Alternate Representative For The Utah counties Insurance Pool Annual Membership Meeting
06-18 (PDF)- Resolution Authorizing The Execution Of an Interlocal Agreement Between Daggett County And The Daggett county Road And Transportation Special Service District
06-19 (PDF)- Ordinance Of Daggett County, Utah To Levy A 1% Rural County Health Care Facilities Sales And Use Tax
06-20 (PDF)- Ordinance Amending 05-15 Establishing Salaries For 2006
06-21 (PDF)- Resolution Requesting The Recertification Of The Manila Justice Court
06-22 (PDF)- Resolution Requesting The Recertification Of Dutch John Justice Court
06-23 (PDF)- Ordinance Of Daggett County, Utah to Establishing A Definition Of Significant Parcel Of Real Property and Notice Requirements For Sale Of Real Property
06-24 - Presented Not Approved
06-25 (PDF) - Ordinance Establishing Salaries for 2007.

2007 Ordinances

07-01 (PDF)- Resolution Declaring The Intent Of Daggett county To Arrange For short Term Finance
07-02 (PDF) - Amending Ordinance 06-25 Establishing Salaries for 2007.
07-03 (PDF) - A Resolution stating that all Daggett County offices shall be closed to the public on Saturdays and Sundays and State holidays and the Friday after Thanksgiving.
07-04 (PDF) - Daggett County Budget for 2007.
07-05 (PDF) - A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Daggett County Utah Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, Series 2007 in the Aggregate Principal Amount of $400,000.
07-06 (PDF) - Ordinance imposes a Transient Room Tax and provides additional information about TRT tax uses and procedures.
07-07 (PDF) - Ordinance to Impose a Tourism, Recreation, Cultural and Convention Facilities Tax for the Calendar Year 2007.
07-08 (PDF) - Creation of Special Service District.
07-09 (PDF) - A Resolution reaffirming the creation of Daggett County Road and Transportation Special Service District.
07-10 (PDF) - Ordinance Establishing the Rules and Regulation and Policies and Procedures for the use of Daggett County Parks and Facilities.
07-11 (PDF) - A Resolution by the Daggett County Board of Commissioners expressing its disapproval of the proposed.
07-12 - Presented Not Approved
7-13 (PDF) - A Resolution Establishing the Region V Regional Response Planning Committee.
7-14 (PDF) - A Resolution Establishing Bylaws Governing The Region V Regional Response Planning Committee.
07-15 (PDF) - A resolution revising and updating the Daggett County General Plan.
07-16 (PDF) - A Resolution Appointing Temporary Justice Court Judges for Daggett County Justice Courts Manila and Dutch John Precincts.
07-17 (PDF) - A Resolution Revising And Updating The Daggett County General Plan.
07-18 (PDF) - Ordinance establishing and affixing the salaries of elected and statutory officers of the County of Daggett.
07-19 (PDF)- Ordinance Establishing Salaries For 2007
07-20 (PDF)- Resolution Of Appointment Of A Daggett County Representative And An Alternate For The Utah Counties Insurance Pool Annual Membership Meeting
07-21 (PDF) - A Resolution Appointing Stew Leith as Designated Representative of Daggett County for Purchasing and Transferring Federal Surplus.
07-22 (PDF) - A Resolution Electing to Participate in State of Utah Public Safety Noncontributory Retirement System.
07-23 (PDF)- Resolution Adopting New Subdivision Ordinance
07-24 - Presented Not Approved
07-25 (PDF) - Elected Officials Salaries for 2008.