2004 - 2005 Ordinances and Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.

2004 Ordinances and Resolutions

04-01 (PDF) Amended 911 Emergency Numbers
04-02 (PDF) Standard Operating Procedures
04-03 (PDF) Tax and Revenue anticipation notes
04-04 (PDF) Flood Plain Management
04-05 (PDF) Flood Plain Damage Prevention
04-06 Number retired
04-07 (PDF) Dutch John Disposal Policy
04-08 (PDF) Insurance Reimbursement
04-09 (PDF) Purchase Order System
04-10 Number Retired
04-11 (PDF) Transient Room Tax
04-12 (PDF) 911 Resolution
04-13 (PDF) Harper’s Subdivision
04-14 (PDF) Disaster Response & Emergency Management Utah Military Appreciation Week Proclamation
04-15 (PDF) Permits for Disturbing County Roads Etc.
04-16 (PDF) Quentin Wilde’s Bldg. Permit petition
04-17 (PDF) Amend Ordinance #03-18/ Speed Limit for Co. Roads Emergency Declaration of Daggett County Utah
04-18 (PDF) Granting Authority to Daggett Co. Library Board
04-19 (PDF) Agreement between Tri-Co. Health & Daggett County
04-20 (PDF) Amendment of 04-12
04-21 (PDF) Resolution Appointing Rep for Insurance Pool Proclamation "Feed America Thursday"
04-22 (PDF) National Incident Management System
04-23 (PDF)UAC Cash Flow Borrowing Program
04-24 (PDF)Ordinance Establishing Salaries for 2005
04-25 (PDF) Fire Protection
04-26 (PDF) 2005 Budget
Emergency Declaration (PDF)

2005 Ordinances and Resolutions

05-01 (PDF) 2005 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes
05-02 No Document
05-03 (PDF) Tax Sale Rules
05-04 (PDF) Mandatory Sewer-line Hook up
05-05 (PDF) Wastewater Planning Program Resolution
05-06 No Document
05-07 No Document
05-08 (PDF) TRT Ordinance Proclamation for Erich’s Appreciation Day
05-09 (PDF) Amended Ordinance 04-24 SALARIES
05-10  (PDF) Resolution for Mineral Lease Funds/Econ Development
05-11 (PDF) Resolution Establishing Office Hours
05-12  (PDF) Resolution to appoint county Rep for Insurance Pool
05-13 (PDF) 2006 Budget Approval
05-14 (PDF) Credit Card Policy
05-15  (PDF) Ordinance Establishing Salaries