2002 - 2003 Ordinances and Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.

2002 Ordinances and Resolutions

02-01 (PDF) Salaries
02-02 No Documents
02-03 (PDF) Court Boundaries
02-04 (PDF) Tax
02-05  (PDF) Support of 81
02-06  (PDF) Water/bldg. Permit
02-07 No Document
02-08 (PDF) TRT Tax
02-09B (PDF) Second Amended
02-10 (PDF) Side Yard Amendments
02-11 (PDF) Diving Off Cart Creek Bridge
02-12 (PDF) Grazing on Public Lands
02-13 (PDF) Daggett Co. Commission
02-14 (PDF) Dutch John Disposal
02-15 (PDF) Recertification Of Dutch John Court
02-16 (PDF) Recertification Of Manila court
02-17  (PDF) Daggett County Representative
02-18  (PDF) Daggett County Representative
02-19  (PDF) 2003 Commission Meeting Schedule
02-20 (PDF) Short Term Financing
02-21  (PDF) 2003 Budget

2003 Ordinances and Resolutions

03-01 (PDF) Ordinance Establishing Salaries
03-02 (PDF) Property Tax Exemptions
03-03 (PDF) Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note
03-04 (PDF) "Scouting For Food Day" in Daggett Co.
03-05 (PDF) Constitutional Taking Issues
03-06 (PDF) National Co. Government Week
03-07 (PDF) Rural Community Assistance Grants
03-08 (PDF) TRT Ordinance
03-09 (PDF) Procedures for Tax Sale of Delinquent Properties
03-10 (PDF) Contracts of Special Improvement District
03-11 (PDF) Amendment of 03-09
03-12 (PDF) County Providing for public utilities for Dutch John
03-13 (PDF) Jarvie Ranch Speed Limit
03-14 (PDF) Hook-up Feed/Utility rates for Dutch John
03-15 UAC Insurance Mutual Resolution not excepted - Number reused
03-16 (PDF) Final Tax Rates for 2003
03-17 (PDF) Credit Card Policy
03-18 (PDF) Speed Limit for #B4, #B10, #B13, & #B15
03-19 (PDF) Short Term Financing
03-20 (PDF) Interlocal Coop Agreement with UAC
03-21 (PDF) 911 Emergency Telephone
03-22 (PDF) Establishing Salaries for 2004
03-23 (PDF) Daggett County Library Ordinance