2012 - 2013 Resolutions & Ordinance

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.

2012 Resolutions & Ordinances

12-1 (PDF) Authorizing negotiation of a water lease agreement with Pinnacle Potash International
12-2 (PDF) Union Telephone Franchise
12-3 (PDF) Fee schedule for service related to providing GIS & Tax Roll
12-3A (PDF) Revised Fee Schedule for GIS & Tax Roll
12-4 (PDF) Vehicle Lease (2012 F-150 Supercrew 4X4)
12-5 (PDF) A Resolution Establishing Method, Rules & Procedures for the 2012 Tax Sale
12-6 (PDF) A Resolution Authorizing Agency Staff & Legal Counsel to Pursue the Potential Amendment of the Dutch John Community Development Project Area Plan by Adding Certain Real Property to the Project Area Boundaries
12-7 (PDF) A Resolution Adopting Incentive Policies and Procedures
12-8 Presented and Not Approved
12-9 (PDF) Vehicle Lease (2-2012 F-150 Supercrew 4X4)
12-10 (PDF) A Resolution Authorizing a Grant of Certain Real Property from Daggett County
to the Daggett County RDA Which Grant Will Become Effective No Sooner Than 15 days After the Date of Adoption of this Resolution, and Related Matters
12-11 (PDF) A Resolution to Provide Restrictions on Fireworks and Open Fires in Daggett County
12-12 (PDF) A Resolution Establishing Payoffs & Run Reimbursements for CCJR
12-13 Presented and Not Approved
12-14 (PDF) A Resolution Annexing a New Area into the Daggett County Mosquito Abatement District
12-15 (PDF) Election to Receive 2012 Secure Rural Schools and Communities Act Funding and Allocation of Title ll and Title lll Project Funding for 2012
12-16 (PDF) Adopting Final Tax Rate and Budgets
12-17 (PDF) A Resolution to Provide Restriction on Fireworks and Open Fires in Daggett County
12-18 (PDF) A Resolution Adopting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rule 292.2 & Approving an Interlocal Agreement (Engine Bake)
12-18A (PDF) Revised Engine Brake Resolution & Interlocal Agreement
12-19 (PDF) An Ordinance Establishing Speed Limits on a Certain Road (Jarvie Ranch) Located in Daggett County
12-20 (PDF) A Resolution of Appointment of a Daggett County Representative & an Alternate for the Utah Counties Indemnity Pool Annual Membership Meeting
12-21 (PDF) A Resolution of the Daggett County RDA Designating the Proposed Greendale Community Development Project Area
12-22 (PDF) Resolution for 2013 Budget
12-23 (PDF) An Ordinance Establishing Salaries for 2013
12-24 (PDF) An Ordinance Setting Commission Meeting Schedule for 2013

2013 Resolutions Ordinances

13-01 (PDF) A Resolution for Courthouse Office Hours
13-02 (PDF) A Resolution MAL Address List Process
13-03 (PDF) An Ordinance Establishing Priority Classification of Noxious Weeds
13-04 (PDF) Resolution Appointing An Agricultural Protection Area Advisory board
13-05 13-06 (PDF) Resolution Establishing Method, rules, And Procedures For The 2013 Tax Sale
13-07  (PDF) Ordinance Amending Commission Meeting Schedule For 2013
13-08 (PDF) A Resolution of the Daggett County Commission Establishing Fees for Accepting and Processing a Proposal to Create an Agricultural Protection Area
13-09 (PDF) Revising Ordinance 98-10 of the Board of Commissioners of Daggett County, Utah to Establish an Agriculture Protection Area Advisory Board, Adopt Procedures for Filing and Consideration of Proposals to Create agriculture Protection Areas, Provide for Filing Fees and to Enact other Amendments.
13-10 (PDF) A Resolution Approving the Form of the Equipment Lease Agreement with Zion’s
13-11 (PDF) A resolution Approving the Adopting and Support of the Daggett County Covenant to Honor and Celebrate the Military Men and Women of Daggett County and their Families,...
13-12  (PDF) A Resolution to reopen calendar year 2013 budget
13-13 (PDF) A Resolution for CCJR Payoff for 2013
13-14  (PDF) A Resolution approving and adopting an Official Project area plan for the Greendale Community Development Project Area
13-15  (PDF) A Resolution Approving and Adopting An Official Budget For The Green dale Community Development Project Area
13-16  (PDF) An Ordinance Adopting The Greendale Community Development Project Area Plan,...
13-17  (PDF) Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
13-18  (PDF) Resolution Adopting Final Tax Rates And Budgets
13-19 (PDF)  Resolution amending Dutch John Water & sewer rates
13-20 (PDF) Vehicle Lease
13-21 (PDF) Resolution for Utah Counties Indemnity Pool annual
 Membership Meeting
13-22 (PDF) 2013-2014 Burbot Bash Payout
13-23 (PDF)   Establishing Salaries for 2014
13-24 (PDF) 2014 Budget
13-25 (PDF) Resolution Approving And authorizing the execution of a sixth amended interlocal coop agreement ...
13-26 (PDF) Commission Meeting schedule
13-27 (PDF) To Reopen Calendar Year 2013 Budget