2014 - 2015 Ordinance And Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.

2014 Resolutions and Ordinances

14-01 (PDF) Vehicle Leases
14-02 (PDF) Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
14-03 (PDF) Vehicle Lease
14-04 (PDF) Justice Court Boundaries
 14-05 Resolution Cancellation Of Debt
 14-06 Water Lease With PPI, Inc.
14-07 (PDF) 2014 Tax Sale
 14-08 In God We Trust
 14-09 Resolution to approve 2014 Budget Adjustments
14-10 (PDF) Ordinance to Amend Ordinance 13-23, establishing salaries for 2014
14-11 (PDF) Resolution 14-11 to reopen calendar year 2014 budget
14-12 (PDF) A Resolution establishing payoffs and run reimbursements for the CCJR
14-13 (PDF) A Resolution Establishing Payoffs And Run Reimbursements for the Cow Country Ranch Rodeo
14-14 (PDF) Resolution authorizing creation of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition
14-15 (PDF) Parcels Combined Martin
14-16  (PDF) Separation Of the Cow Country Junior Rodeo from Daggett County
14-17 (PDF) Vehicle Lease
14-18 (PDF) Dutch John Housing Incentive
14-19 (PDF) Final Tax Rates
14-20 Fire & Declaration
14-21 (PDF) Resolution Combining Parcels of Property (Pearce)
14-22 (PDF) Justice Court Recertification
14-23 (PDF) Utah Counties Indeminity Pool Annual Membership Meeting
14-24 (PDF) Representative for Six County 14-25 Vehicle Lease Agreement 14-26 Refunding Bonds
14-27 (PDF) Transfer Property from Daggett County to RDA
14-28 (PDF) Salary Ordinance
14-29 (PDF) Budget Amendments for 2014
14-30 (PDF) 2015 Budget Adoption
14-31 (PDF) Ordinance Setting the Commission Meeting Schedule    

2015 Resolutions and Ordinances

15-01 (PDF)  Interlocal Agreement Between RDA and Daggett County 
15-02 (PDF)  Interlocal Agreement Between RDA And Daggett County 15-03 Not Approved 15-04 Not Approved
15-05  (PDF) Ordinance Amending Daggett County’s Dutch John Zoning Map in two places
15-05A (PDF)  Revised Resolution 15-05
15-06 (PDF)  Special election Dutch John Newly Incorporated Town Officers

15-07 (PDF)  Reopen Calendar Year 2015 Budget
 15-08 Not Approved
15-09  (PDF) Taxable Water Revenue Bonds, Series 2015 Resolution
15-10 (PDF)  Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
15-11 (PDF)  2015 Tax Sale
15-12  (PDF) Establishing Property Tax Exemptions and Procedures
15-13  (PDF) Vehicle Lease
15-14  (PDF) Public Lands Initiative
15-15  (PDF) Scientific Integrity and greater sage-Grouse
15-16 (PDF) Amending Dutch John Water And Sewer Rates
15-17  (PDF) Cancellation Of Dutch John Municipal election
15-18 (PDF)  Reopen 2015 budget
15-19  (PDF) Ordinance amending DJ Zoning Map, Rezone from (MU-40) to ( C)
15-20  (PDF) An Ordinance Amending DC Zoning Map; Rezoning Property At 2625 E Linwood Lane, Manila UT
15-21  (PDF) Resolution Supporting the transfer of Public lands to willing state and affirming county’s rights of association
15-22  (PDF)  An Ordinance amending Daggett County’s Planning and Zoning Ordinance to include regulations regarding shipping containers used as accessory buildings
15-23 (PDF)  Resolution Appointment Of a Daggett County Representative and Alternate for UCIP
15-24 (PDF) Ordinance for Membrane Structures
15-25  (PDF) Ordinance to vacating a portion of a class B road
15-26  (PDF) Amending 2015 Budget
15-27  (PDF) Adopting 2015 Budget
15-28  (PDF) Establishing Salaries of County Employees
15-29 (PDF) Commission Meeting Schedule
 15-30 Vehicle Lease
15-31  (PDF) Ordinance Establishing the Daggett County Public land corner preservation fund
15-32 (PDF)  Daggett County RDA to initiate the preparation of a community development Draft project area plan
15-33 (PDF) A resolution to increase the Daggett County TRT rate from 3% to 4.25%
15-34  (PDF) Bond Resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of taxable water revenue bonds
 15-35 Ordinance establishing speed limit for county roads B-9, B-13, B-17, B-20, B-22