2016 - 2017 Ordinances & Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.


Proclamation (PDF)  A Proclamation Commemorating Daggett County School Choice Week
16-01 (PDF) A Resolution Amending Dutch John Utility Water And Sewer Rates
16-03 (PDF) To Reopen Calendar year 2016 Budget 
16-04 (PDF) Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
16-06 (PDF) A Resolution establishing method, rules, and procedures for the 2016 Tax Sale
16-07 (PDF) Vehicle Lease
16-08 (PDF) Flaming Gorge Lake Meadows Combine Parcels
16-09 (PDF) An Ordinance establishing the method and procedure of disclosing campaign finances for county officials
16-10 (PDF) A Resolution of the Daggett County Commission approving the filing of cross-appeals to 2016 appeals filed by taxpayers subject to central assessment.
16-11 (PDF) Resolution Adopting Final Tax Rates and Budgets
16-12 (PDF) Resolution of appointment of a Daggett County Representative and an alternate representative for the Utah Counties Indemnity Pool annual membership meeting
16-13 (PDF) Ordinance to Establish Speed Limits on County Roads
16-14 (PDF) To reopen 2016 Calendar Year Budget
16-15 (PDF) Ordinance Establishing Salaries for 2017
16-16 (PDF) Ordinance Amending Daggett County Management Plan
16-17 (PDF) Resolution to Reopen Calendar Year 2016 Budget
16-18 (PDF) Resolution to Adopt 2017 Budget
16-19 (PDF) Ordinance to Set Commission Meeting Schedule for 2017
16-20 (PDF) Resolution Of The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition Agreement
16-21 (PDF) Resolution to Reopen 2017 Budget


17-01 (PDF) Resolution to Approve the Form of the Equipment Lease Agreement
17-02 (PDF) Resolution to Reopen Calendar Year 2017 Budget
17-03 (PDF) Resolution Establishing Method, Rules, And Procedures For The 2017 Tax Sale And Allocating Administrative Costs To Delinquent Properties
17-04 (PDF) Resolution to Reopen Calendar Year 2017 Budget
17-05 (PDF) Ordinance Establishing Speed Limit for Airport Road
17-06 (PDF) Resolution Authorizing Membership with Foundation for Integrated Resource Management (FIRM)
17-07 (PDF) Resolution Authorizing the Filing of Cross-Appeals For 2017 Centrally Assessed Properties
17-08 (PDF) Ordinance Granting Moon Lake Electric a Non-Exclusive Franchise
17-09 (PDF) Ordinance to Control Cross Connections in the Dutch John Water System
17-10 (PDF) Resolution Adopting Final 2017 Tax Rates and Budgets
17-11 (PDF) Resolution Covenanting to Not Impair Mineral Lease Revenues for the Flaming Gorge Roads and Transportation Special Service District
17-12 (PDF) Resolution Approving the Transfer of an Interest in Rights Currently Possessed by Daggett County in the Brown’s Park Road to Be Improved by the Flaming Gorge Road and Transportation Special Service District, Creating a Joint Interest in Such Roadway; and Related Matters
17-15 (PDF) Resolution to Reopen Calendar Year 2017 Budget
17-16 (PDF) An Ordinance Adopting the Amended Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance for the Unincorporated Area of Daggett County
17-17 (PDF) An Ordinance of the Board of Daggett County Commissioners, providing for amendments to the General Plan of Daggett County, Utah (the "General Plan"); incorporating the Daggett County Resource Management Plan into the General Plan; establishing policy; and providing for an effective date
17-17 Exhibit (PDF) - 2017 Daggett County General Plan Chapter 8 - Resource Management Plan
17-17 Exhibit (Appendix) (PDF) - 2017 Daggett County General Plan Resource Management Plan Appendix
17-18 (PDF) An Ordinance Approving and Allowing Overnight Rentals
17-19 (PDF) A Resolution Appointing A Representative and Alternate to Attend the Utah County Insurance Pool (UCIP) Annual Meeting
17-20 (PDF) An Ordinance Adopting The County Code Of Daggett County, Utah
17-21 (PDF) A Resolution to Amend the Utah County Indemnity Pool Agreement
17-22 (PDF) A Resolution To Reopen Calendar Year 2017 Budget
17-23 (PDF) A Resolution To Approve The 2018 Daggett County Budget
17-24 (PDF) An Ordinance Setting the 2018 Salaries of Daggett County Elected Officials
17-25 (PDF) An Ordinance Setting the 2018 Daggett County Commission Meeting Schedule