Property Address Information

The Daggett County Assessor’s Office has established a uniform system for the physical addressing of streets, structures, and parcels in Daggett County in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare. This addressing system is essential for ensuring that emergency response personnel can respond to any structure where an emergency may arise with an optimal response time. This system will also aid in the location of property for the delivery of goods and the general public.


The physical addresses of a structure or parcel cannot be changed unless it conforms to the established uniform system. Physical addresses of streets, structures, or parcels which are identified as being incorrect will need to be corrected to conform to the established uniform system.

Physical addresses of streets, structures, or parcels in Daggett County can only be changed or assigned by the addressing department of  Daggett County. 


Request a physical address assignment or change online or call our addressing department at 435-784-3218 opt. 6.


Property addresses must be displayed per Daggett County Code 7-1-2, in accordance with the International Fire Code - Section 505. It shall be the responsibility of each and every property owner, trustee, lessee, agent, and occupant of each residence, apartment building, business, or industry to post and maintain, at all times, address numbers. All addresses shall be displayed in such a way that they are unobstructed and legible from the traveled roadway.


Can I have an address for my vacant parcel of land?

Vacant lots typically will not have an address assigned to them until a building permit is given for the parcel. Addresses directly correspond with the structures on the parcel and therefore an address typically won’t be assigned unless a structure is, or will soon be, built.

I am not receiving my mail at my physical address, what should I do?

You may need to validate your physical address at the United States Postal Service Lookup Tool. Report your findings to your local post office. If your physical address validates on the USPS website your mail should be able to be delivered to that address. If your physical address does not validate on the USPS website, the USPS is not aware of your physical address information. If you talk to your local Post Master, they can add your physical address to your mailing address and this should resolve the issue.

Why is my physical address different from my mailing address?

The addressing department of the Weber County Surveyor’s Office is the only agency authorized to assign and or change physical addresses of property. The United States Postal Service is the only agency authorized to assign or change mailing addresses of property. At times these two addresses may differ from one another. If this becomes a problem you will need to work with both entities to find a solution that will work for you.

Our office does not have jurisdiction over mailing addresses or mailing issues with physical addresses, however, if you need assistance finding the appropriate post office representative, please contact our addressing department at 435-784-3218 opt 6.

How can I change my mailing address on my tax notice or valuation notice?

The Daggett County Auditor/Recorder’s Office can change the mailing address that the county has on file for your property at your request. To have your mailing address changed on the county records you will need to obtain and fill out a mailing address change form. Mailing address change forms can be obtained by calling the Auditor/Recorder’s Office (435) 784-3210, or in person at the Auditor/Recorder’s Office.

How can I get a new street sign on our street?

If your street is located within a city boundary please contact the correct city to find that information.

If your street is a County Road and is located in unincorporated Daggett County and your street address is known and correct you can contact the Daggett County Roads Department at 435-784-3208 about having a street sign installed or replaced. If it is not a County Road, you will need to obtain a sign for your street. If you need assistance, or have questions, contact the addressing department at 435-784-3218 opt 6. 

If your street address is not known or correct, you can start by contacting our addressing department at 435-784-3218 opt 6.

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