Daggett County Elevations

Daggett County has the 45th highest Mean Elevation in the Country and the 4th Highest in Utah with a Mean elevation of 7456' (2273 m) above sea level.

Some of the populated area elevations are provided below along with links to find the elevation for many of the popular places to visit in Daggett County.

Specific Elevations

LowestGreen River at Colorado State Line: 5370' /1637 m Unofficial)
HighestEccentric Peak at 12,276' / 3742 m
Highest on a main Road8,427' / 2569 m
Manila6,375' (1,943m)
Manila Airport6175 ft. / 1882 m (estimated)
Maximum Water Surface Elevation at Flaming Gorge Dam6048.5
Current Flaming Gorge Reservoir Elevation
Dutch John Airport Elevation6561 ft. / 2000 m (estimated)
Brown's Park-Jarvie Ranch5474' / 1668 m

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