Emergency Management

Public Notice - Region 5 Pre-Mitigation Plan Update

The draft copy of the Uintah Basin Region 5 Pre-Mitigation Plan update document has been submitted to the Utah State Division of Emergency Management for their review and comment.

The Daggett County Emergency Management Office has a hard copy of the document available for public review at the Daggett County Sheriff's for a 30 day public comment period that will coincide with the State's 30 day review period.

Please contact Leonard Isaacson, Daggett County Emergency Manager at 435-784-3255 to review this Uintah Basin Region 5 Pre-Mitigation Plan update. Please bring a government issued I.D. with you for records documentation.

What We Do

  • Educate the community on how to prepare for Disaster, whether it is Manmade, Technological, or Natural.
  • Write and update the Daggett County Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Assist the Community in how to prepare for major incidents & disaster.
  • Respond to major disasters within the community by setting up and coordinating the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Prepare Emergency Declarations for the Commission to sign.
  • Coordinate all agencies and departments in writing a Plan for Recovery from a disaster.
  • Work with State and Federal Agencies coordinate plans and assist to mitigate hazards.
  • Participate in Tri-County boards and teams to obtain Homeland Security Grant monies.
  • Track Homeland Security required trainings, and equipment purchased by Homeland Security Grant monies.
  • Request reimbursement for equipment purchased by Homeland Security grant money.
  • Participate in the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
  • Work with public and private agencies through the LEPC to update the Emergency Operations Plans.
  • Apply for, and track the Emergency Management Planning Grant.
  • Develop and update Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan (PDF)
  • Apply for and track the Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning grant.
  • Participate in the Regional Response Planning Committee.
  • Coordinate with the American Red Cross for Sheltering. Coordinate and assist in writing Mutual Aid and other types of agreements.

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